This website is no longer maintained on a regular basis. It remains as an historical archive of the struggle for Canadian autonomy over the last 12 years. The BC Carpenters Union broke away from the International UBCJA and became the union known as CMAW - the Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers.

CMAW.CA - official website news and link

McCarron Brothers Are at Center of Carpenters' Union Leadership Spat - ENR Constructon
UBC Trying to put Local 1506 into Emergency Supervision to Silence Mike McCarron - Local 157 Blogspot
Southwest Regional Council in trusteeship: Draper kicks Little Mac to the curb - download pdf
American UBCJA websites pushing Work in Canada when work is slow Stateside - Michigan RCC
another at the PacificNorthWest site and another at

Fighting for the Soul of the Carpenters’ Union - Respect our Crafts
Douglass McCarron: Union Boss or Ponzi Schemer? - by David Correia, CounterPunch
Life and Death in McCarron's Union - Dying to be a Carpenter - By David Correia, CounterPunch
Welcome to “Respect Our Crafts.” - Building and Construction Trades Dept, AFL-CIO
Douglas McCarron 2010 | President UBCJA | Raiding Unions Since 1988
Douglas McCarron's Raw Deal for the UBCJA - By Chris the Abducted Alien
The old Jawin has risen from the ashes! click here
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AFL-CIO Honor Roll of 9/11 Union Victims historical archive
In Memorial: 18 UBCJA Carpenters

Lights Out, McCarron - YouTube
douglas j mccarron: the complete despot cartoon collection
The UBCJA website cannot be displayed - 404 not found parody
visit the only forum for BCPC/CMAW/CEP rank-n-file comments - cmaw weblog
this website is available in Spanish and French with automatic translation by Google

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